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Overseas lightboxTotem produces goods this afternoon 10-11-22
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About Wanda  

   Wanda is one of the leading global provider of advertisement devices and information publishing solutions, It offers a wide choice of products and case solutions. Wanda aims to satisfy customer requirements in their pursuit for reliable and innovated products, Wanda’s innovation will help the customers all over the world to keep winning in the future.
   Since we developed the first integrated digital scrolling system, “Wanda Innovation” developed solar image which is meeting the key strategy of limiting energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, ingenious LCD advertising screen and the advertising information publishing system with modern communication technology.
   Now, the products from Wanda are widely applied in the streets, airports, metro stations, expressway in the world. In China, Wanda technology is tightly keeping up with the rapid increasing economic, and established the long term cooperation relationship with the main advertising operator. In oversea market, from Europe to Africa, from Pacific area to the Middle-east, you will find the W&AD anywhere. Wanda will make the advertisement world more beautiful with the global leading advertising operators together.
   Moving forward, Wanda will continue its ongoing commitment in advertisement field, aimed to be a world-class excellent enterprise in the near future.

Product showroom  
    Wanda's Showroom is not only record of wanda growing embodiment of innovative spirit ,but also epitome of outdoor advertising development . From
initial digital scrolling system. To different design of city lightbox and bus-shelter. To LCD and green product-solar Image display in this digital display trendency . Each of product let the visitors deeply feel wanda's steady innovative spirit ,invariable well service. and great product's quality. At the same time,each of product takes fresh idea to outdoor advertising market for wordwid.No matter advertising company or advertiser.Wanda is their the best choice and the best cooporation partner.
     Wanda will be your terminal choice who will never let you disappointed.
Wanda Culture  
    The self-confidence people of Wanda
Spirit:Credibility and integrity .Confidenceand Strong
Tenet:Creat Value for Customer ,Creat Opptunity for Employee
Target:Found Global Brand,Establish Lifetime Enterprise
Style:Aborative、Strict、Initiative、High efficiency
Mission:Innovation Technology ,Share Life
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